Alphabet DVD: letters, letter sounds, high frequency words, shapes, numbers, and rhymes. Great for Home School

Alphabet DVD Part 1: Abc's, Shapes, Counting, Rhyming... Alphabet DVD Teaches Letters and Sounds, High Frequency Words, Shapes, Numbers, and Rhymes. DVD Part 1 Preschool & Early Kindergarten HOW TO USE THE DVD

Alphabet: Letters and Letter Sounds


Children viewing this DVD on a daily basis will learn these lessons sooner.  This DVD is concise, smart, and a thorough learning tool. Save your voice, time, and promote streamline learning.

  • 26 Capital letters
  • 26 Lowercase letters
  • 26 Letter sounds
  • 12 Rhymes
  • Counting to 10
  • Four plane shapes and seven attributes
  • Reading and spelling 12 words.
  • Reading a sentence
  • Short vowels
  • Long vowels
  • Rule number 1to be good listener

In less than 10 minutes, students will view 147 characters and concepts. You might remember to review each day or you could be confident you did by playing the DVD.