Preschool & Early Kindergarten DVD

Alphabet DVD Part 1: Abc's, Shapes, Counting, Rhyming... Alphabet DVD Teaches Letters and Sounds, High Frequency Words, Shapes, Numbers, and Rhymes. DVD Part 1 Preschool & Early Kindergarten HOW TO USE THE DVD

Preschool & Early Kindergarten DVD: Part 1


  • This DVD is an excellent teaching strategy that adheres to California State Standards. Many children are wasting a school year in kindergarten learning what they should already know when they begin the school year. A curriculum rich in content is squandered when students are stuck learning the primary goals of kindergarten.
  • Use it to supplement homework.
  • Use it in a classroom to teach and re-teach.
  • Include it in before and after school tutoring.

One DVD $6.75, Shipping in USA, $2.75