Alphabet DVD: Abc's, Shapes, Counting, Rhyming...

Alphabet DVD Part 1: Abc's, Shapes, Counting, Rhyming... Alphabet DVD Teaches Letters and Sounds, High Frequency Words, Shapes, Numbers, and Rhymes. DVD Part 1 Preschool & Early Kindergarten HOW TO USE THE DVD

This DVD was created for students in Preschool, and Kindergarten. It is based on California State Standards, for individual, or group instruction.


    The best evidence of its effectiveness throughout the years is the assessment, from zero to proficient.

    Our DVD is just under ten minutes. Students who view it frequently are most likely to master the lessons by the first trimester.


    One DVD $6.75, Shipping in USA, $2.75

    Rated E for  Educational Dvds

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