Alphabet DVD Part 1: Abc's, Shapes, Counting, Rhyming... Alphabet DVD Teaches Letters and Sounds, High Frequency Words, Shapes, Numbers, and Rhymes. DVD Part 1 Preschool & Early Kindergarten HOW TO USE THE DVD

-------------------- HOW TO USE YOUR DVD -------------------

  1. This product was initially created for the purpose of communicating with parents the lessons their child must know before they begin independent reading and writing in kindergarten. 

  2. For best results, first view the DVD several times and familiarize yourself with it. You may model how to sing along with the DVD, and how to say the sounds. Most of my students just sit and watch for the first week, some will start singing along with me. By the second week, a small group starts saying the lessons along with the DVD. By the third week most are saying the lessons. Give praise for being active participants in their own education. When they learn the letters and sounds you may give them acknowledgement by presenting them with a certificate.

  3. Assessment: Print the alphabet assessment. Test your child before you begin the lessons on the DVD. It is important that they are able to see their growth. Use the same sheet each time. Follow the directions on the test, and circle each correct answer. Test every two to four days, celebrate each correct answer. If there is no progress, test every four to six days. In time, your child will ask to be tested each day.  


Attention:   For best results: Do the lessons together, children appreciate the attention. Studies show children experience success when their parents are involved in their child's education.